Sharkit Group Ltd work with Web Development using world leading tools such as WordPress and WooCommerce. With more than 30 years in the business we know what we are doing and we are doing it well. Of cause after all this years we will not let you down if you have other needs, just contact us and let us evaluate your needs.


We are here for you 24/7 with support thru email. If you have a question just contact us and you will have a prompt reply……….for free. If you like to add features or if a situation demands us to get on board we will quote you customer rates. As we are based in Asia you do not need to worry about your costs.

WordPress came to life 20 years ago and today its the largest CRM system in the world. Database driven PHP system built as Open Source with millions of dedicated developers this system is the only tool you need to start you business online.

Simple answer to a complicated question, no! Nothing is secure on the internet today and you need to be very careful when you make the decision to start your business. We will secure your build with state of the art tools, datacenters with latest tech and also educate you in the importance for updating and follow up on notifications your system will bring you.

Yes, if you are starting an online business or website you need basic knowledge. If you can write an email, using a web browser, editing a picture you are set to go but you will learn every day using your system, as we do still after 30 years but the basics with WordPress is straight forward and with our choice of the Theme Avada it cant be more easy to manage and continue to develop your website on your own.


As mention above we will always be at your service but lets say you are in for a huge expansion, you need an app, you need GPS tracking system integrated to your website, you need more capacity in more countries and you understand this will be a huge cost. It might be but please relax, we do work with freelancers world wide and even if you decide to hire a local IT Firm we built your system with known Open Source systems than anyone can adapt and easily get a grip on.

If you do not choose our services and instead get onboard with the non open source world your system will be proprietary and you will be locked to your same IT Partner for life with the risk of enormous costs.


You can always trust in us when you are in need for help

Always There For You

24/7 you can contact us for help


State of the art datacenters with multiple locations

Taking Care of Business

If you need hosting services we have it all, just get in touch with us.


Security today is a priority

Never let down you guard

Contact us and we will explain more how we can secure your business.


Yes it makes sense……we know because we worked with internet before internet was born. We ran BBS on Fidonet programing Pascal and Basic. Since the first daylight of Linux and Open Source there has been nothing else in our world and we have challenged Microsoft more than one time both private and hired by governments.

Available Uptime
Available Uptime
Available Uptime